Tuesday, 26 April 2011

River Hodder

My first visit to the Hodder this season and it didn't disappoint. As usual for this time of year the river was teaming with life and the fish were rising confidently in some pools and appeared to be taking aphids, olives and even the odd Brook dun that was hatching off. Most of the fish taken were small trout but there were the odd bigger fish or two lurking in the slate channels. Bright sunlight at times made the fish easy to see in the clear water and despite this some careful wadding managed to get us very close to the rising fish upstream. The Lancashire public were out in force however, kids dogs and all, and at times I did have to stop myself turning into the grumpy old angler with retorts such as, "Do you you know how much I pay to fish here?!!", etc.

 My best and only Grayling for the day.

 The fish seemed to be taking Aphids but we struggled to replicate them with our flies.

The odd Brook Dun, (I think that's what it is anyway).

Sunday, 17 April 2011

River Dee

A perfect Dry Fly day! Insect life was in full swing today with prolific hatches of Olives and Sedge on and off all day long. The fish were responding to the abundant food source which meant great dry fly action all round.

Best fly of the day a Cal-de-Cannon 16/18.

 Caddis retreats could be seen all over  the rocks which I think were from the, 'Saddle case caddis-Glossomatiddae'.

One of millions of Caddis hatching and flying upstream.

 A Brook lamprey eel!

A good spot!

And of course odd Grayling or two plus lots of trout par which was nice to see.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

River Irwell

Phil and I had a great day on the unbelievable Irwell! It either seems to be feast or famine this season so far with my fishing. Some lovely small brownies were taken in the fast water gorging on hatching Olives.

What a nice Brownie! Phil is first to put this beauty on the score sheet.

Pretty good fish at just under 2 1/4bls!

Phils fish taken on a Orange and Partridge Spider.

Of course, not to be outdone I managed this big fellow!

This is my biggest Brownie ever at just under 3lb.

My fish was taken on a Olive style Paul Proctor Clink fished Newzeland style with a black Tungsten beaded Hairs Ear Nymph.