Sunday, 30 January 2011

River Dee

My first river fish of the Year!
Not bad!

What a whopper!!!!

It was a very cold day on the Dee with morning temps of -4 oC but the sun soon warmed the day up and by mid afternoon although the fish were still deep and difficult to find, the Czech nymph managed to get down to em. A cast of four flies ranging from a size 10 tungsten shell back on the point, tungsten head nymph and two standard Czech nymphs as well.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Meadow Fishery

Fished Meadow Fishery near Chester for the first time today. It was a damp day and the fish were slow to take but Phil and I eventually managed to work out that they were feeding intermittently on emerging midges from 2ft down up to the surface. A size 16 Hares Ear nymphs seemed to be the no1 fly either lightly weighted of unweighted pulled back slowly just under the surface.